An animal encounter is included in your stay where you will get to meet and feed all of the animals on the farm.
Feeding times with the animals are normally between 8am and 10am or between 4pm and 5 pm and will be confirmed the night before.


We have two large horses, Bentley the bay standardbred who is a rescue and Tic Tac the cremello Quarter horse who was bred locally.

Favourite food: Carrots

Miniature Horses

We have three Minis, Corky and Cato and Sonic who are all rescues and are very cheeky. They rule the farm!

Favourite food: Carrots


We have two ponies, Prince is a Palomino Australian Stock Pony and Sparkles his best friend is a  grey Stock Pony. Please contact us if you would like to do a pony ride whilst staying with us.

Favourite food: Carrots


We have five goats- Jeffrey is a standard goat and is Dad to our miniatures George and Mildred. JJ is Jeffrey’s nephew and George & Mildred’s cousin and Emma is our neighbours goat and she is a Boer goat.

Favourite food: Cadburys Caramilk and apricots.


We have five alpacas- Frosting, Souffle, Chocolate Mousse, Snowball and Cupcake. Cupcake and Snowball are the youngest and Souffle is Snowball’s Mum.

Favourite food: alpaca nuts


We have three donkeys – Tillie and Tessie and they are Mum and daughter. They are rescues and came from Gin Gin near Bundaberg. Tillie is very old now, so recently Tessie happily welcomed the newest addition Belle.  Belle is a 9 year old chocolate coloured donkey and is Tessie’s new best friend.

Favourite food: Sweet Potatoes


We have 12 sheep, 9 adults and 3 lambs who were born here. Teddy and Hannibal are our rams, Janice, Lisa, Jaxon, Patrick, Lady BaaBaa, Bayonce, Clarice, Gladys, Shaun and Shirley make up the rest of the flock. They are super friendly.

Favourite food: lucerne hay and pasture boost


We have approximately 27 chickens, most are Australorps and we have one Silkie called Rebel who is very old and very friendly. You are welcome to collect their eggs and cook them (the eggs) for your breakfast.

Favourite food: Sardines and cheese


We have six geese, Ronnie and Reggie are the Mum and Dad, Rodney, Cassandra, Racquel and Marlene are their children. They are very loud and very bossy- please do not feed the geese or they will never leave you alone!!

Favourite food: Chicken grain


We have four ducks – Yoshi and Gucci and more recently two Green headed Rouen Ducks, Donald & Daffy. They all mainly live on the dams by the lodges.

Favourite food: They love the chicken grain as well



We have eight cows – Mr Christian, Dax, Alan, Elsa, Whitney, Milky, Flash and Mavis. Dax and Alan are both massive males but are also pretty gentle. Please take care around the cows as they are very large animals and can be skittish.

Favourite Food: Cattle mash


We have a rescue dog called Maggie, she is a cross between a Ridgeback, Dalmatian and Labrador and is very friendly but very bouncy.